Lost and Found Pets

What can I do to Find my Lost Pet?

Step 1 Visit Wichita Animal Services

  • Start looking for your pet immediately. Don't wait several days thinking, It'll come back on its own. Kansas State Law only requires a 3 day holding period. This does include most holidays. If you wait it may be too late.
  • DO NOT CALL. Visit the shelter at least once every three days. Your pet's breed, color, or age description may differ from the shelter employees. Remember, only you can identify your pet. You can file a lost report with staff while you are there and place a lost flyer with a picture on our bulletin board.
  • You can view the impounded pets by going to www.petharbor.com. We still recommend you visit the shelter at least once every three days to view the lost pets and don't rely solely on the website. There are other useful tools to help locate your lost pet at this website. Make sure to check them out.
  • Don't rely on shelter employees to find your pet for you. Wichita Animal Services takes in over 11,000 animals a year. We are too busy caring for the animals in our custody and maintaining the facility to look for all the lost pets. Wichita Animal Services accepts lost pets from the cities of Wichita, Derby, Park City, Eastborough, Clearwater, Maize, Valley Center and the unincorporated sections of Sedgwick County.
  • If your animal had identification tags when it was lost, don't presume it will come into the shelter with its tags on. But, you should call your Veterinarian to update any information that has changed and notify them the animal is missing.
  • If your animal is micro chipped, don't presume just because the animal is scanned once it gets to the shelter it will be found. They can migrate, become damaged or at no fault of staff, missed. Also, contact the chip manufacturer and let them know the pet is missing.
  • DON'T GIVE UP! It can take weeks, even months to find a lost pet.


  1. Do not Call
  2. Visit the Shelter at Least Once Every 3 Days
  3. It's Your Responsibility to Look for Your Lost Pet
  4. You are the Only One that can Identify Your Lost Pet
  5. Don't Give Up

Step 2: Check Other Locations

  • Unfortunately, cars hit a lot of animals running loose. You can check the descriptions of deceased animals picked up by calling City of Wichita Animal Services at 350-3360 and Sedgwick County Animal Control at 660-7070. Ask for the deceased animal list.
  • Ask mail carriers, neighborhood children and paper deliverers if they have seen your pet.
  • Cats are notorious for getting into places that can be closed up on them.  Ask your neighbors to check their garages and sheds.
  • If you live in a city, other than Wichita, or live in close proximity to one check with their City Hall. At last check, the cities of Haysville, Sedgwick and Goddard have their own holding facilities.
  • Hallmark Boarding Kennels at 310 W. 45th N. also accepts found animals. Their number is 838-6683.

Step 3: Advertise

  • Call KFDI Pet Patrol at 821-2008. Free airing during the 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. broadcast hours on AM 1070.
  • Call The Wichita Eagle at 262-4222. There is a cost associated with printing a lost pet advertisement. The Wichita Eagle can inform you of the price. Found pet ads are free.
  • Post signs and flyers only where allowed by City Ordinance. Do not post signs or flyers on utility poles. When passing out flyers do not put them in mailboxes. Place them between the flag and the mailbox. Post flyers at: local gas stations, grocery stores, community centers, veterinary clinics and the Wichita Animal Shelter.
  • When you are advertising a lost or found pet you need to include vital information:
    • Status – Lost or Found
    • Breed – Be specific as possible
    • Gender – Male, Female, Neutered Male, Spayed Female
    • Color – Predominant color first
    • Description – Distinctive marks, collars or tags
    • Phone Number – All contacts phone numbers
    • Vicinity – Major intersections

If you choose to offer a reward, be cautious. You should take a friend or relative with you to see any animal that might be yours. People have been robbed and severely injured in a rush to reclaim their animal. Honest people would give you their address, instead of needing to meet in another location with the hope you will bring the reward money or want to see the money before they show you the animal.

Step 4: Check the Internet


  • HAVE YOUR PET SPAYED OR NEUTERED! It can decrease the animals desire to roam and keep them safe at home.
  • Do not let your pet run loose for any reason, or for any amount of time. Most animals impounded were only out for a few minutes to use the bathroom and never leave the yard.
  • The most precious gift you can give to your pet is to promptly buy a collar and tag with your personal information. Personalized tags can be purchased at Wal-Mart, PetSmart and Petco. It takes a few minutes and costs less than $10. This will help assure a safe return if it happens to stray again.
  • Tags can be lost but microchips are permanent. Contact your veterinarian or any area veterinarian to find out if they can microchip your pet. Make sure to register the micro chip with the chip maker or your veterinarian will do it for you.
  • It is recommended you have at least two forms of identification on your pet at all times, even if it is an indoor pet. The best option is a collar with a current rabies tag from your Veterinarian or a tag with your personnel information and a microchip.

What Should I do if I Find a Lost Pet?

  • If you find an animal, we suggest you turn the pet over to Wichita Animal Services to give the owner a chance to find it. Under the assumption they'll just put it to sleep, many well meaning people have caused weeks of anxiety because they did not turn an animal in to the proper authority when it was found. Responsible pet owners are looking for their pets at designated facilities. Many of these well meaning people have caused animals to be destroyed that would have otherwise been claimed by turning them in after the owner had given up looking.
  • If you decide to keep the pet and try to find the owner, this handout is helpful for you also. Just use the information in reverse. Instead of looking for a lost pet, you are trying to find the owner, and most of the resources provided above have the capability.
  • Have the pet scanned for a microchip. Most Veterinarian clinics and Wichita Animal Services will scan the pet for free.
  • If you bring the pet to Wichita Animal Services, we will photograph it and file an electronic found report for you.
  • You may place a found flyer with picture on our bulletin board.

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