Support Our Efforts

Want to help KS K-9 ResQ save dogs? Here’s a way you can help without spending any extra money or time. Well, except for about 60 seconds to set it up. Check this out!

Support Us Through Donation

Every bit of support that you can pass our way is guaranteed to support the efforts of rescuing dogs in need, 100%. We greatly value and appreciate your decision to support the Kansas K-9 ResQ both financially and through your giving of time.

Dillons Rewards

Kansas K-9 ResQ, Inc. has been accepted into Dillon's Community Rewards program. This means that when you enroll with your Dillon’s Plus cards, K-9 ResQ will receive rebates on the money you spend. This does not affect your fuel reward points and does not cost you anything. Basically, it is money we will get from Dillon’s because you signed up your Plus card and then shopped as usual. The process to enroll in the community rewards program is:

  1. Visit (substitute Baker’s or Gerbes for Dillon’s depending on your location)
  2. Sign in OR Create an account (this process is so easy!)
  3. Click on "Enroll Now"
  4. Enter the KS K-9 ResQ 5-digit NPO (68868)
  5. Select KS K-9 ResQ and click on "Enroll"

After you enroll, send these instructions to everyone you know who shops at Dillon’s and encourage them to enroll also.


Chewy Wishlist

Kansas K-9 ResQ is committed to keeping pets safe, happy, and healthy while they wait to be adopted. Chewy helps provide our pets food and treats, pet supplies and pet medications, and other pet-health products before they are adopted by their forever homes!

Visit to donate today!


In Kind

If you have ideas or thoughts about potential in-kind donations, there are many goods and services that will help us further our mission. The wish list above is just a starting point and your support is greatly appreciated.


Estate Planning & Memorial Gifts

Because of generous, forward-thinking people like you, our mission and the animals we help will benefit now — and in the future. Your personal legacy will save lives and help us to advocate on their behalf and sustain our purpose.


Interested in helping Kansas K-9 ResQ with a memorial gift or have questions about how to help?